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The apartment-hotel Martinova bouda surrounded by beautiful mountain environment of the Krkonoše Mountains offers its visitors relaxing and active stay in every year’s season in the highest mountains of the Czech Republic. Choose the best for you in our special offers.

Summer activities


The Krkonoše Mountains (The Giant Mountains) – Mountain “Kotel” (1,435m above sea level)Great outdoors of the highest mountains in the Czech Republic invite guests of the hotel “Martinova bouda” to wandering around here. The Krkonoše Mountains can attract not only devotees of winter sports, but also hikers. Unforgettable views of the landscape area are offered by the Kotel Mountain whose sides are decorated with rich mountain flora and which fall steeply into rock basins (corries) of  glacial origin in the south, where you can get along/down one of plenty paths built and well-maintained by the  Club of Czech Tourists. To the east of the Martinova bouda there is the only one view-tower in the Krkonoše Mountains  situated on the mountain Žalý. It was built in the year 1892 thanks to Count Jan Harrach. If you have got a car available, it is possible to visit the Czech Paradise, the Rock Cities  with ruins of the Castle Trosky, the chateaux in Kuks and Náchod, as well as the ZOO and Safari in Dvůr Králové that are certainly worth seeing.

Cycle tourism

Round about the Benecko there are several cycle tracks of different degree of difficulty. One of them goes through the centre of village Benecko, where it is separated into two branches, but they will meet together again a few kilometres northward. Cycle tracks in the wide surrounding amounting to more than 500 km are marked with wooden signboards and can take you to very interesting places in the Krkonoše Mountains. In addition to 27 conventional cycle tracks there another 9 cycle tracks called "long downhill runs". You can use a cable car or a cycle bus that will transport you together with your bike to a higher situated place, and from there you can ride calmly down in a valley embosomed with gorgeous mountain nature..


Open air bathing pool in VrchlabíSwimming pool and open air bathing pool in Jilemnice

  • Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 9.3 km 
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Open air bathing pool in Vrchlabí

  • Distance from the hotel Martinova bouday: 10.4 km 

Aquapark in Špindlerův mlýn

  • Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 21.8 km
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Skiing and snowboarding

Skiareal Benecko

Skiareal BeneckoDistance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 50 m
Children’s ski tow JESEN: 150 m


Skiareal Aldrov

Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 13.5 km


Skiareal Vurmovka

Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 13.5 km


Skiareal Janova Hora

Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 13.5 km


Skiareal Herlíkovice

Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 12.8 km


Skiareal Špindlerův Mlýn

Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 21.1 km


Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 22.8 km



Distance from the hotel Martinova bouda: 33.6 km

Ski slopes and ski tows

A ruin of the Štěpanice castle

Tourist attractions

Benecko belongs to the highest situated villages and municipalities in the Krkonoše Mountains, two thirds of the village is located in the third zone of the Krkonoše National Park, and you will nowhere in the Czech Republic find more sunny days throughout the year than just in Benecko.  The first written record concerning Benecko can be dated back to the year 1628, however archaeological discoveries have proved beyond reasonable doubt the region settlement no later than during the 13th century thanks to Lords of Valdstein who built at that time the Štěpanice Castle in the strategic place of the Žalý Mountain slope, as well as a medieval walled-in settlement serving for defence of a trade route that was probably situated in one of parts of Benecko village, in the Rychlov settlement.

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